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that's what's making news in america this morning. p. >> stay with us for "good morning america." have a great wednesday. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. six monthsead, woman was killed in a confrontation with police, her husband is found dead. with the investigation stands. good morning, washington. it's wednesday, september 12. i am cynne simpson. >> i am steve chenevey. letson good morning 2 adam caskey for the forecast. >> we have a few upper 40's, but we generally in the low to mid '50's. 50 degrees at dulles airport and gaithersburg. martinsburg, 49. mostly sunny today. for the high
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temperature. most of us will be in the low 80's this afternoon, beautiful. baby blue skies. with low humidity and through the weekend. most sunny and that's today and the weekend. a brief sprinkle on saturday and again.ext week now to steve or angela. welcome back, angela. >> thank you. good morning. getting ready to start the work work zoneslot of being picked up around the beltway. starting in maryland on 270, no between frederick kempe the beltway. the b-w parkway and about 50 looking pretty good in maryland. 395 at glebe road in virginia looking good. no act of war zones northbound southbound, through the mixing bowl of. spots on the beltway in
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, still active. a couple of lines tied up, but traffic. back to you. >> thank you. new this morning, a death investigation forcing authorities to remove several a bethesda home. one of the dogs is dead. drive.s on corsica they found a woman dead inside around midnight as well as the dog. removed the seven living dogs out of the house. the cause of death of the woman. inar-old has been shot n the 200 washington i block of 37 st.. teenager was conscious when arrived.s no word on any suspects. >> in culpeper, the husband of by policeot to death year was found dead. was found dead yesterday. patricia died six
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months ago in a confrontation with a police officer. autria godfrey reports from culpeper. >> i still have a lot of questions i would like to find out what's going on. gary cook spoke with us in february, dumfounded after discovering his wife had died a disturbing altercation with an officer. >> she was not armed. >> is search for truth was cut short. old man was found his questions unanswered and his neighbors in disbelief. i was shocked. was a hard-working man. >> maintenance workers found his apartment along french way. the investigation is early, but say that foul play does not appear to be a factor. .all long friendship way
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>> he said everything had been ok.g >> he is currently embroiled in battle with culpeper police. in may he filed a $5 million the department, wife was killed of veteran officer daniel harmon-wright. routine traffic stop turned ok was shotn co times at point-blank range. incident led to murder charges against the officer and file theiek crouse to wrongful death lawsuit. in the lawsuit, he was asking than $5 million in compensatory and punitive damages. autopsy is scheduled for today. godfrey reporting from culpeper. >> students in central high heights thisitol a classmates as searching for his killer. old marckel ross was while walking on his way to central high school. father cannot understand why
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son.e would hurt his gretzky was a kind person -- >> was a kind person. investigators say the case is have non and they motive and no leads. in our 5:00 hour. >> today the president of the research council will discuss the role of the values in the november election. the national press club today he will talk about what he s as parents to religious marriage, traditional the unborn, and he will month's >> following breaking news from libya. two stateas confirmed department employees have been killed. u.s.sters stormed the consulate in benghazi. they fired the gunshots and eventually burned down the conflict. state department facility in protests, saw violent
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outcry of a film that attacks the profit muhammed. a real-estate developer in film hasa behind the gone into hiding. apple is expected to unveil 5 at an event in san francisco today. google maps will be replaced apple's 3-d and "the voice navigation software. the rivalry between apple and google intensify as. >> there is enough friction that it had to go out and map the entire world so it would not be dependent on its competitor. >> google says it's releasing youtube application on the ipad and the iphone. holiday shopping expected to hit the recession levels. >> let's say good morning to .inda bell pre-recession levels.
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stock-index futures indicating a stronger open, building on on optimism gains, the fed will announce a third bond purchases. the fed chairman last month did that two rounds have failed to breathe life into the labor .arkets economists predict the new open- ended plan may do the trick. indication the economy is steam, consumers will malls in a bigg way for the holiday season. researchers say that holiday and retail sales may be the since 2007. there will be a full week of shopping right before christmas, which falls on a tuesday and hannukah comes earlier compared with 2011.
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many iphone users say there's a room for improvement. more on that and the details on gmail easier to manage, coming up. that is business news. linda bell reporting for abc 7 news. back to you. >> thank you. 4:37, 58 degrees. >> a college professor under for breast feeding her child in class. >> why she
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>> bids wednesday. let's get our forecast with caskey. >> it is comfortable. another pleasant morning to open windows and let the fresh air into the house. let's take a look and the numbers. 59 in alexandria right now. 53 in warrenton, 48 in leesburg, 52 in winchester. in hagerstown, 52 degrees. we are hovering around 50 for the most part. a little warmer along the waterways. sunshine today, like yesterday, low humidity, 82 degrees. mid 80's by tomorrow with sunshine. the humidity will be kept at bay. showers by the weekend. night. saturday it does not look very impressive of the chance of rain. have outdoor plants, t discouraged by that
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30% chance of rain on saturday. another chance of showers by early next week. it will be in the upper 70's monday. angela with the commute. looks great. nicely. still a couple active work zones. are traveling in maryland the beltway, on the inner one laneill down to approaching kenilworth. case at university boulevard. are clear between the 95 270.changed can in arginia right now, 95, 610, thereom 619 to left lanes still closed on the southbound side. open from is fredericksburg to the springfield interchange. back to you. >> thank you. 442, 59 degrees. a college professor defends her
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decision to proceed while lecturing. another fight brewing over building a costco gas station.
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the husband of a woman shot killed by a culpeper police died.r in february has gary vue's body was found in his apartment yesterday morning. police don't suspect foul play. the officer who shot patricia cook faces murder charges of. gary cook had filed in lawsuit against the department. back in class after searching forare gunman who killed a classmate. old marckel ross was killed while walking to high heights to pitol draw high school playbook. apple expected to unveil a new of the iphone today, compatible with
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g networks. the annual reno air show with new safety measures if. alas year and airplane plunged into a group of spectators. people on the10 more thane killed and 70 others injured. last year an airplane plunged into spectators. the event runs through sunday. a heated debate over build a mega-dam station in d.c. costco wants to build a station its new store in northeast. the discount chain need special s shall permission. it would lead to traffic problems and more. >> we are asking them to do what did in arlington by just
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getting a grocery store and stop right there. costco wouldat down at theices other gas stations. >> the board is expected to take again. in a couple again >> the maryland live! casino celebrates the grand opening of its second phase expansion and news conference this morning. casino in anne arundel county is the third largest u.s.rcial casino in the maryland live! has more than 1000 slot machines electronic table games and a room and a new store. will give easier to get from to one of's capital e most important cities in the middle east. emirates airlines will launch onstop service from dulles to today, a 14-hour flight. the new service will help d.c. dooking toies abroad and foreign wanting to do more business in d.c.
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>> our question in an american professor's decision to breast feed her young daughter if while lecturing. wrote on her blog to miss did not want day of class and she brought her sick child to class with her. tom roussey has reaction from campus. >> many students we spoke to say they would not care if the professor best and her baby during class, especially since teacher wrote about her was siick. it's not a big deal. >> she did what she had to do. this sophomore was there in the room. >> she had to finish the class. about tos know she was it and i think she handled it professional back she could grow. not like it. did i thought it was unprofessional.
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should have left the room. it was inappropriate that she inught her child to class the first place. distracting to a lot of students. --st she wrote she told abc 7 she was not to comment when we try to reach her by phone. american university sent us a statement in which it said the a policy ofnot have feeding but it does follow everything local and require on that issue. school in the statement did not or condemn support the the professor did in t did point outi leave policy has a where if employees have a sick they can stay home that day. tom roussey reporting. >> . > there's concern about possible
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contamination leading to a cheese recall. is recallingse ricotta salata. it was sold in several states g maryland, virginia, and the district. they advise people to clean boardss such as cutting might come in contact. contact. it is 59 degrees. the new magic number for the nationals. >> getting closer to the playoffs. and mark zuckerberg speaking in publ
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>> welcome back. let's go to adam caskey on morning.esday >> it's going to be another day.iful no complaints. sunshine with low humidity. high temperatures a few degrees warmer than yesterday. inrently, its 43 , 46 in frederick, 46 frostburg, 47 in cumberland. was article does numbers. at elsewhere. 50 in manassas. 51 along the potomac at reagan national? . sunshine throughout the day. l day.r beautifu you will be hard-pressed to find clouds. high temperatures in the low 80s. little warmer than yesterday.
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back into the low 80's. that is average for this time of year. looking ahead into the weekend, a chance of showers by saturday. barry slight chance of a few showers on saturday./ -- very slight. now to traffic with angela. >> no complaints on the road right now. activel have a couple zones, but everything is moving nicely leaving the 395.ict on from the 14thts the springfield interchange. traveling around the beltway in virginia, a couple troublespots that may slow you down briefly. left lanes are closed northbound 123 at the beltway. still closed for overnight oaintenance for overnightt 767 from the inner loop.
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, in north bethesda, work zone in the and thebetween 270 near cedar lane. still looking good otherwise for the start of the wednesday morning drive. back to you. >> thank you. the magic number to the washington nationals win hundred games. a victory over the mets, thanks part to this home run in the inning, putting the nationals a head. they never looked back. the braves lost last night and now the magic number for the nationals is 19. we will see what david johnson that in 30about minutes. baltimore, no magic number but they're making a run for the playoffs. than home run in the third inning turned out to make a difference, against tampa. the orioles won 9-2. they are tied with the yankees
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for first place. >> mark zuckerberg breaking his about the plunge that his company's stock price took. facebook stock has dropped 50% .ince going public he expressed optimism during a speech at a technology conference in san francisco. >> the performance of the stock has obviously been disappointing. care about our shareholders. we made isent that are going to execute the worldon of making connected and do we think are going to value of over the long term. >> he added that being underestimated gives his company latitude to go out and make some big bets. 4:57, 59 degrees right now. much more to come. to a u.s. learned state department workers have overseas in an attack. anncr: this casino's in west virginia. but it makes millions off marylanders every year.
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because we know how important cash flow is to reaching your goals. pnc ba. for the ace ever in you.

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